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Maui Ultra Fins - Style-Pro-02 (Freestyle)

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Die Style-Pro-02 vervollständigt unsere Freestyle-Serie. Ein neues Profil ermöglicht frühes Angleiten, extrem hohe Geschwindigkeiten und einen kraftvollen Absprung für besonders hohe Moves. Die ideale Finne für New-School-Freestyle und die Wahl vieler Top-PWA-Freestyler (u. a. WM-Titel 2018 für Sarah-Quita Offringa, Vize-Weltmeister Adrien Bosson und Maaike Huvermann).

Meinungen unserer Teamfahrer/innen:

Sarah-Quita Offringa:
"With the Style-Pro-02 I'm super confident landing my moves. It has more grip and provides more control so I don?t worry about spinning out at all. The extra control in combination with an improved pop of the Style-Pro-02 works great for my double moves. After the first move it instantly grips again, so I can pop into the next with absolute ease!"

Nicolas Akgazciyan:
"The Style-Pro-02 is considered a high-end freestyle fin by PWA riders with a lot grip & speed performing to execute all your tricks from basics to pro ... get it!"

Marco Lufen:
"Ich bevorzuge die Größen 18 und 19 cm, da diese für meine Gewichtsklasse (78 kg) am besten funktionieren. Die Style-Pro-02 ist eine absolute Rakete und revolutioniert das Freestyle Windsurfen durch ihre radikalen Fahreigenschaften. Ein absolutes Muss für jeden ambitionierten Freestyler, der sich mit den Besten messen will."

Maaike Huvermann:
"I love sailing with the Style-Pro-02 fin because it gives me the performance I'm looking for while freestyling! Great speed for all the power moves and very easy to control in sliding moves!"

Adrien Bosson:
"I love this fin because it gives me everything I need to push my moves: A lot of speed, plenty of grip and also great sliding. To me it is by far the best fin on the market!"

Arrianne Aukes:
"The Style-Pro-02 gives grip when you need it, and pops when you need it. For me it has the perfect combination of all things you want from a freestyle fin; grip, pop, speed and slide!"

Oda Johanne Brødholt:
"This fin was just what I needed. While going full speed and ducking the sail I know I have enough grip to trust the fin to not spin out. At the same time, sliding moves are easy with the Style-Pro-02! Fast and perfect."


Größen: 17-24 cm
Systeme: PB + US/SLOT
Preise für 1 Style-Pro-02: 109-139 €

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