Naish S26 Sail Chopper 3X

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ULTRA-COMPACT WAVE SAIL The original Ultra-Compact wave sail that changed the world by packing maximum power into the smallest size has been reinvented. Working closely with lighter riders like Z Schettewi and our core test team, the Chopper has evolved into a slightly higher aspect 3 batten design that delivers even more performance. Powerful and solid in the hands yet easy to manage due to it’s ultra compact outline, the new 3 batten layout allows the sail to dynamically twist for improved wave riding and handling over-powered. The Chopper’s easily driven and responsive design and light weight also make it an excellent crossover foil sail. New 3D shaping technology extends the wind range and improves balance and controlProven X-166 scrim for light weight and durability3 battensLow aspect ratio2 position clew with titanium clew rings

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Segel Größen

5.1, 4.1, 4.5, 4.8

Segel Farben

Black, Teal

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