Naish S26 Windsurfboard Custom Slalom


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PRO PERFORMANCE SLALOM The Naish Custom Slalom boards have been further evolved from the classic slalom board, thoughtfully developed by our R+D team to make it easy for you to go fast. For S26 we have added the 114 as a new size for heavier riders and lighter wind. You will  nd Robby Naish testing speed runs on the 95 at Kanaha here in Maui, Hawai’i. The Custom Slalom board is designed for riders who want to go fast, yet still want the same sensation of slalom racing. With its incredible speed on straightaways, as well as its sm CONSTRUCTIONPrecision CNC cut EPS coreFull PVC sandwhich carbon deck + rail laminateS-glass PVC sandwhich bottom laminateWood/Biax carbon stance area reinforcementErgonomic Foot Straps Ergonomic Foot Straps add comfort and stability for easy riding.Reinforced Deep Tuttle Foil Box A deeper, more reinforced foil box to sustain high speeds while racing9 mm EVA Pad with Diamond Cut and Dotted EmbossingA high-density, grooved & embossed EVA foot pad allows for extra grip and comfort.V-Bottom ShapeV-tail bottom shape for ultimate planing power, a smoother ride, and easier jibing.

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114, 94

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